August 30, 2017


Chicago based producer, songwriter, and musician Phil The Prodigal just released his first mixtape entitled File 48.

Dubbed as a personal favorite track on File 48, “Green Dream” is west coast influenced. Phil was inspired during his time spent in California and drew from experiences done while visiting the Golden State. Helping with the dope mixtape, Teddy Stax, and Malik, close friends of Phil accompanied not only with the production of the mixtape, but also feature in “Green Dream.”

Only teenagers, the new hip-hop trio are quickly making a name for themselves under the creative production by Phil The Prodigal. At times the singing reminds me of a mixture of J.Cole and the late Nate Dogg what do you think?

Lead Vocals in Order of Appearance: Phil The Prodigal (on the hook) @philtheprodigal (Twitter & IG)Malik @mcmizzlemac (Twitter) @mxlikthekidd (IG)Teddy Stax @TeddyStax (Twitter) @txddystxx (IG)Mixed By: Summer Payton Mastered By: Shockhouse

Check out “Green Dream” here

#urban #philtheprodigalgreendream

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