August 30, 2017


On July 28th, the Australian-producer, KOWL , released a new instrumental single titled “Memories.”The song is a future-house tune at a downtempo rhythm that sounds something like a Flume and Daft Punk crossover.

The 4-minute long 110 BPM track features tightly produced electronic production with sultry guitar licks and a synth that sounds like an astral projection.

The track was originally created in 2013 as a demo. However, in light of the fact that the vocals never came to fruition, we’ve decided to dust it off and give it a proper release as an instrumental.

It is the follow-up release to “Just Words,” KOWL’s electronic-pop track with the extremely talented and buzzing vocalist Anjulie “Just Words,” which came out last month, was featured in Sony ATV’s monthly email blast as “Best New Music.” It was also called a “match in chill pop heaven,” by the music blog EARMILK .

The track features a prominent groove throughout it’s entirety that is uplifting and fun to say the very least. More instrumentals slowly are added into the mix to give the track permanent “rise” to it’s dexterity. The Lack of vocals does not take anything away from the song and allows the listener to fully focus on the many instrumentals at work. Within minutes of the song track beginning, it was impossible not to bob my head along with the beat, and the interest only grew from there.

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