August 31, 2017


Melbourne based producer Wayfarer// teams up with LANKS on new single “Broken Wire”, the third single off upcoming Garden State EP, due out later this year. Broken Wire is about growing up and not wasting your moments and opportunities. But also, the fear of doing that and how that fear grips you and freezes you, and so you end up doing nothing. It can often feel like you are treading this fine line of life being great and then flicking over into this vein of disappointment, like you’re underachieving or not living life the way we’re supposed to, but nobody really knows the answer to that anyway. Wayfarer// is a product of the burgeoning production and beats scene from Melbourne, Australia. Finding inspiration in everything from dusty samples to rattling 808 hi-hats, soaring synths and live instrumentation, his progressive sound is equal parts unique and familiar. Wayfarer// has enjoyed support from Australian national broadcaster Triple J, as well as features on KCRW, high-profile blogs Pigeons and Planes, Complex, Hilly Dilly, Indie Shuffle and EARMILK!

“As a long-time LANKS fan, it was a real pleasure to have him lend his vocals to a track. He’s got a hugely strong, intuitive sense of song writing and such a beautiful cadence to his voice. With so many ideas flying left, right and centre, this track took a little more time coming together. It needed an anchor – for a while it was just floating amongst the noise. Hearing Sampha’s new record was a real lightbulb moment that was hugely important in giving me a sense of direction and focus. It provided me with a blueprint for how music like this could work; the mechanics behind a sound so fluid and full. It was pivotal in the process of bringing this track together – almost giving me permission to strip some of the density out, let the drums and piano carry the tune, and give everything a bit of space to breathe”. – Wayfarer//

“Broken Wire” follows on from collaborative debut single ‘ Break ’ w/ North Elements and featuring Denitia, and resplendent pop gem ” Why’d You Let Me Out ” ft. Novaa. I really enjoyed the lyrics behind the song and the beats scene in Australia is distinctive and very popular, so I was over the moon when I heard how the vocals matched up perfectly with the beats.

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