September 4, 2017


Today’s feature is “Nothing New”, by Back Talk featuring The Fame Riot. This free-pop genre based artists are from Los Angles and Seattle and are signed under Lights & Music Collective record label. The beginning of the song the beats are super chill and easy to vibe with. About 1:02 into the song, strtong vocals are smoothly delivered over bass and synth sparkles – overall, I was very impressed. Fame Riot’s vocals have a unique tone and tasty blend of mid-range and falsetto delivery.

The fade out as well was a perfect ending for the song. It is very Electro/Synth pop based so if you like that genre I highly suggest you add this to your playlist. Excellent for party playlists, or going to the gym playlists as well. The EP and single cover artwork they choose is really impressive as well. We look forward to hearing more from Back Talk, listen to their latest below:

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