September 5, 2017


“Wildfire”, a playful and rebellious end-of-summer hit, is a perfect musical blend of two uniquely talented artists, Mia Vaile and James Mercy. Lyrically, Mia delivers a genius verse inspired by the idea of being true to yourself in the face of adversity. James Mercy perfectly compliments Mia with his unique blend of contagious melodies and inimitable deep 808 kicks. The track is as forward-thinking as one can find in today’s world of overly-repetitive sounds, certainly Flume vibes from the synth tones. This EDM/Dance Pop hit will have you dancing for sure, it is also a really good song to vibe to down on the beach. The lyrics are very catchy, and her voice is very mellow which I love! These two are very talented and they are both located from Europe, where all the best EDM beats originate from! What I especially like about Mia Vaile, is on her social media she is very involved with her fans and followers. She takes the time to update them about current and up coming music, as well as sharing the most appreciation and love! You can tell she works hard for her music, and has a passion for it.

The music video shows a struggling Mia in the office, bogged down with work, tempted to join her friends for a night out instead.

Check it below:

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