September 8, 2017


Alec Lehrman is a Chicago-based musician who has shared the stage with top acts including Chance the Rapper, Charles Bradley, and the JB’s. The up-and-coming guitarist/vocalist toured three continents in 2016 alone, and cites some of his biggest influences as Stevie Wonder and D’angelo. His blues-infused style and soulful sensibility have earned him spotlights in iconic venues across the country, ranging from the Apollo Theatre in NYC to the House of Blues in The Windy City. His debut single “Pedal” is scheduled to be released on August 24, 2017.

Within the first few minutes of these tracks I immediately got a huge 80’s vibe and I have no problem with that at all. One word comes to mind when listening to this music and that is “funky”. These are the types of tracks that have people dancing all night long at a wedding or any sort of social function. The different sounds and instrumentals included through the tracks keeps them very interesting and no two songs sounding the same. the chill and almost twinkly guitar at the beginning of the song “Race To The Horizon” was a moment that particularly grabbed my interest. it gave an almost “beach-like” tone to the track. these tracks are all on the upbeat and mid to fast tempo side and if you are in the mood to dance or bob your head, look no further. The track “Background Man” starts off nice and upbeat right from the very beginning of the song is for sure a particularly fun part of the tracks. It’s easy to see the influence that Stevie Wonder brings to Alec.

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