September 8, 2017


This track starts out with a slow and mellow tempo that slowly adds more instrumentation to it as it builds. The vocals have a great earl 2000’s hip-hop and RnB vibe to them which is something that is is for sure coming back into relevance. The bet and tempo speed remain slow and relaxing throughout the track giving the track a very relaxing an sensual feel to it. It has a certain “late night in my car” feeling to it, which is always what I gravitate towards when it comes to this type of music. It’s easy to see why this artist has all of the notoriety and relevance that it does. it was instantly catchy and very easy to nod one’s head along too. Mellow hip-hop is very big right now and this track fits right in there but stands out enough among the many other artists in this genre.

NPR Music compares JSPH to artists like, “D’Angelo, Frank Ocean and James Blake, with an accessibility that [they] think will make him a hit with both critics and casual listeners.” – 10 Songs Public Radio Can’t Stop Playing.

Nominated as Cincinnati’s New Artist of the Year, JSPH’s previous single, “Breathe” (produced by DJ Corbett), was featured in Pharrell’s Othertone Playlist on Beats1 radio. His singles have landed on Spotify’s Weekly Buzz and New Discovery Playlists.”This type of style seems to be where R&B is headed and I can definitely hear JSPH being on the forefront of that new wave if he keeps dropping tracks like this.” — Fashionably EarlyListen to “Better” first here

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