September 8, 2017


Indianapolis based musician, Jason Aaron Coons (JAC), recently dropped his infectious single, 3-6-5.

A little bit of indie, mixed with some electronic and pop, and all things good, 3-6-5 is going to be your new favourite song.

Jason Aaron Coons, or better known as JAC worked with Nashville based producer, Micah Talks on the track, and shared with NU what inspired the new sure-to-be-hit single.

He explains, “3-6-5 is basically that infatuation phase of a relationship. It’s joyful and energetic with an unrealistic amount of certainty. It was written because I was in that place at the time in a relationship. I was at this ridiculous point of mental take-over by this individual. Couldn’t stop thinking about her and it was such a dopamine driven high. In terms of the language used in the song I use some phrases like “roll,” that are common in hip-hop and pop genres, but I’ve always felt that lyric “roll,” was such a cliché phrase that lacks any real depth. I try to give that word meaning.”

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