September 12, 2017


After a staggering two year break, Derrival, the indie alternative group stemming from Vancouver, British Columbia is back and hoping to give you chills with their new track “Ice Cream”. Cool vocals with some ear popping production is the name of the game here with one goal in mind, the revival, of Derrival.

“Ice Cream” starts off with some serene chords and brief buildup that is closely followed by some catchy vocals that effortlessly flow over the production. The open-minded lyrical content is a refreshing change from much of the music you may hear on the radio currently, stating lines such as: “Everyone has a different idea of what they think is right, but are we doing it right?”. Considering many of the worlds current problems stem from differing beliefs on how to live life, Derrival’s intent to acknowledge, and speak on this idea is quite valiant. The whole track also carries a positive vibe that travels throughout the entirety of the song, during both the lively, and relaxing portions alike.

Derrival is a 5 man group consisting of Adam Mah, Gem Jackson, Dan Kozlowski, Deven Azevedo, & Shane Stephenson whom have had an impressive bout so far. They previously took the stage at Squamish Valley Music Festival, were chosen for the inaugural Juno Masterclass, and even received a nomination from the Western Canadian Music Awards. As a young band growing up as musicians, much of their content revolves around critiques, or call outs about what it means to live in a modern world, and “Ice Cream” is no different.

After a two year break, it seems like Derrival is ready to take the world by storm once again. And I for one am ready to hear what this self-conscious group has waiting for us under their sleeve. If you’re liking how “Ice Cream” tastes, dive into Derrival’s previous offering, “Departure & Arrival” which contains five more tracks that deliver their signature sound, including a personal favourite of mine, “Romanticized”.

Check out “Ice Cream” and other Rock favourites on the NU Playlist below:

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