September 19, 2017


After just a minute in, I already loved this tune. This summer we have heard so many of the same types of songs, but “Cozee” by DVBBS ft. Cisco Adler really caught my attention. It isn’t a flashy track with bass drops, synths, or tempo changes; rather it’s simple and consistent in the best way.

DVBBS (pronounced “dubs”) are a Toronto-based brother group, featuring Chris & Alex van den Hoef. The duo have performed with many artists including; Tiësto, Steve Aoki, DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, Showtek, Sander Van Doorn, and NERVO. They also rock the main stage at the Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival every year. Though they usually fall into the electronic dance music category, this song is a side step to give listeners a new, more mellowed out sound.

A slow piano intro smoothly transitions into an R&B style beat, and the start of Adler’s first verse. Side Note: For those of you who may not know, Cisco is the son of the legendary Lou Adler; best known for producing timeless artists such as Carole King and “The Mamas & the Papas”. Lou was also the executive producer of the cult classic “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. So, needless to say, I had high expectations for his offspring’s work. Well, heads up, Cisco has worked with a ton of different artists; Wiz Khalifa, Mod Son, Shwayze, Mike Posner, Cody Simpson, Vic Mensa, Fergie, and The Internet, to name a few.

Adler describes his music as “malibu acoustic hip hop alternative reggae rock”. The lyrics are relaxed, reminiscent of his reggae tone style; “Let’s get cozy / Get to know me / I ain’t such a bad dude after all / Swimming down the coast in my 6-4/ Got me drippin’ like a nosebleed / After all / After all, love is Aderall / Afterall / Love is Adderall…”. Cisco then talks about the girl he wants to get “cozee” with; “I just need a bad girl / Roll one when the sun rise / Just one look in her eyes / Can’t get her out of my mind / I just need a bad girl / Stay up with me all night / Hot tub parties on ice / Disappear when the sun rise… Don’t need no codeine / You got me floating…”.

Although there is a fair bit of drug implication, if you actually listen to the lyrics closely, you will realize he is saying he doesn’t need drugs because the love he feels with this girl is his “high”. The chorus follows this verse, which reinforces the message behind the song; ““Let’s get cozy / Get to know me / I ain’t such a bad dude after all…”. Boom.

Then Adler gets honest about the girl he actually wants to get “cozee” with; “I said I need a bad girl / True love I need is a sad girl / Can you come over now girl / Don’t tell me where you go / Baby when you leave me I don’t wanna know / So gimme all your cozy / And we can sip on some rosé / You can meet me in the morning / Ti’l then…”.

The Chorus repeats and the song ends as smoothly as it started. Overall, another hit by DVBBS and Cisco. This is such a great song to chill out to as the summer slowly turns into Fall. Definitely give it a listen and check out the video!

Be sure to check out DVBBS’ other tracks on Soundcloud, and keep up with their tours on their website. For more from Cisco, check out his website & Facebook.

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