September 23, 2017


First dropped on his seventh episode of blonded RADIO, Frank Ocean’s new single “Provider” is the perfect blend of smooth and erratic- a vibe that Frank never hesitates to experiment with. The song makes references towards Aphex Twin, Stanley Kubrick, shoegaze and basketball. The musical phenome also uses commonly referenced car imagery to allude to his idea of personal “success”. Although, “success” to Frank is clearly not defined by the number of Grammy’s he’s won. After boycotting the Grammy award show this year, he spoke out on Tumblr about his decision, pointing out that his accomplishments are a direct reflection of staying true to himself in the industry. The neo-soul artist has also released a lyric video for “Provider” which opens with the words “This is not a Pipe Bomb” (reference to a famous piece of Magritte art) on a workshop window. A man is seen taking a hammer to an old boombox, then oddly enough, adds speakers, a machete, and power tool charger to the music system. When the lyrics flash on the screen, a cute hello-kitty bops over each word. Strange? Maybe. Is it working for Frank? Definitely. Check it out here, through a creative lyric video on Frank’s website, or below on our Urban playlist (scroll to the bottom)

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