September 28, 2017


Los Angeles – based singer and songwriter, Madison Scheckel, or better known by her stage name, Wolfy released her first (self-produced) single off her new upcoming EP.

Wolfy is known for her previous music featuring all her friends. Keeping up with her “keep it in the friend group” approach. Wolfy released “Solid Gold” featuring Ren Farren and Katie Skene.

“Solid Gold” is not only a hypnotizing track, but it also features powerful rhythmic guitars and great vocal harmonies, creating an almost retro-style kind of vibe, with a killer guitar solo at the end.

“I wanted a guitar solo at the end of the song and when you want something amazing, the best person to call is devon Eisenberger, a former classmate, and winner of the Nicest Person in the World award 26 years running. she’s also got the most incredible stage presence so it’s no surprise that she’s now on tour with Katy Perry who honestly is LUCKY to have her.”

Check it out here:

#indierock #wolfysolidgold

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