October 2, 2017


Up and coming indie-pop artist Keeley Bumford, who performs under the moniker Dresage brings us a refreshing new single, “Center.” Her silvery vocals are fused with modern electronic sounds and a hint of nostalgic jazz influence.

Originally from Northwest Washington, Dresage has been paving her way as a musician out in Los Angeles for the past couple of years. The inspiration behind her music is often drawn from arbitrary occurrences that can be molded into something original and identifiable. Dresage is particularly passionate about creating music that combines the likes of old jazz records with new contemporary elements.

Her latest single “Center” came to be after working with friend/producer Greg Martin who pushed her lyrically when he laid down this bendy, euphoric synth beat. The track deals with Dresage coming to terms with the fact that she is not the center of anything. This epiphany was a comforting reminder to let go from things beyond control, and in return, live a more freeing life.

Weeks after “Center” came “Renaissance”. Listen to this one with good headphones because the panning will put you in another world. It has Sunday morning vibrations to it, placed in a setting long ago. Very relaxing with the same jazzy influences and soft, gentle vocal delivery.

These two gems were added to our pop playlist:

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