October 9, 2017


There’s something about this Superorganism song that immediately catches your ear. Is it the the drowsy vocals, the friendly wub-wubbing bassline, or the way it reminds you of cartoon theme songs? It can all probably be summed up with one word: adorable.

This band has the story that every new band starting out wants to have. They’ve achieved a meteoric shoot to public awareness within less than a year off the back of “Something For Your M.I.N.D”. They’re now signed to Domino Records and have just played their debut live show in London’s Village Underground.

Superorganism is a micro musical version of the global world today. They’re a true international bundle, with the eight-member band consisting of members from the UK, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, all living together in East London (so, every millennial ever these days). Before this, they existed online. According to vocalist Orono, “SFYM was created purely online. My buddies in London sent me the demo on Facebook, then I wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals on Garageband… then it was pretty much done! We just had to add a couple of key missing ingredients to the mix: some sweet backing vocals, a sick artwork, Tucan’s magical touch to make the track sound even more dope, and chemical X.”

With every listen to this song, there’s a little bit more to be picked up on. Superorganism manages to jam so much texture into less than three minutes. There are birds chirping, bubbling water and slurping sound effects scattered throughout. There’s also Korean being spoken in the background, translating to “Put something in your mind. What do you need in your heart? Put it in your mind.”

What you need is Superorganism in your heart. This truly is something for your M.I.N.D.

#indierock #superorganismsomethingforyourmind

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