October 14, 2017


Indie Pop artist Sarah Close has been making waves with her highly anticipated EP ‘Caught Up” released earlier this year. From her humble beginnings as a YouTube cover artist, this London native has gained quite a following since. Lead track on the EP “Call Me Out” has reached over 3.3 million streams on Spotify and also hit No.1 on their Viral Chart. Not to mention, Sarah’s live debut gig completely sold out after 60 seconds! Her newest track “Only You” produced by Max Mosley is the budding artist’s first single signed to record label Parlophone Records (affiliated with Coldplay, Gorillaz, Lily Allen etc.). The song emerged when Sarah was having a crisis of confidence in a relationship. Notable lyric, “You’re so heavy I can’t see the skies” is evocative of feeling weighed down by someone who is getting in the way of your personal happiness and aspirations. It’s about that decision when you realize you’re going to leave someone you’re with,” she explains. “You know that it’s not working — and the reason it’s not working isn’t that you don’t like each other. On paper you’re right for each other, but it can’t work, and even if it could work you’re not ready for it. And that’s a painful thing to admit to yourself.”

Any producers out there feel like remixing this? Sarah provided the stems on her Soundcloud too. A cool interactive release for the fans and fellow creators.

#indiepop #sarahcloseonlyyou

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