October 15, 2017


Coming from the British city of Exeter, Witterquick are here to showcase some of their English rock to the world.

But be warned, it’s been awhile since I’ve heard this much angst in a song.

This is something my 14-year-old emo-worshipping self would have been all over.

“Shattered Suns”, a single from Witterquick’s EP Fire & Ice, has all the trademarks of rock catering to the masses: sweeping hair, ear stretchers, grungy attractive boys banging their palms against walls in pent-up frustration. The title itself, “Shattered Suns”, is begging to be used as a teen girl’s Tumblr username.

In saying that, singer Will Alford certainly has a set of lungs on him and there’s some nifty intricate electronic guitar work. And if you thought the chorus was a belter, wait until the breakdown of the track when Alford really demonstrates his full vocal range. If you like your songs loud, turn this one up.

#indierock #witterquickshatteredsuns

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