October 18, 2017


Influenced by Aphex Twin’s music and the sounds of household objects and nature, New York based producer Evan Shornstein, aka Photay, started making music in his college years.

Over the past few years, the young producer has been working on finding his true musical identity by experiencing, incorporating new textures and materials into his music. Photay’s sound has evolved a lot and is now a perfect mix of analog and digital, of natural and synthetic, finding its roots in electronic music.

After a first project in 2014 and an EP out last year, Shornstein finally released his debut length, Onism, on August 11. Recorded in Brooklyn and Shornstein’s home in the Hudson Valley woods, Onism tackles the difficulty to find a great and harmonious balance between nature and technology; it makes us wonder about how to make the most out of life in the technology savvy world in which we currently live in.

The sonically cohesive project is brought to life by dense, ambient, jazz infused, well produced compositions, “Outré Lux” being one of them. Elevated by Madison McFerrin’s hypnotizing and seductive vocals, the track is a gorgeous production filled with thunderous sub bass syncopations and bright spring reverb tails. McFerrin’s voice delicately pulls you in…leaving you askingfor more at the end of the song. Lyrically, “Outré Lux” interrogates freedom and weightlessness, the undying quest for self-understanding through the experience of others.

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