October 21, 2017


After crafting beats and samples for projects other than his own, Young @uD!o is ready to unleash his independent debut single “No Such Thing (Prod. Young @uD!o, The Champ)” to the world. Featured on his debut EP “A Good Man” out on October 24th, the EP has a total of seven tracks with influences ranging from Reggae, Caribbean, to Pop and Urban.

By incorporating in-house recorded tracks including live guitar and bass, Young @ud!o’s passion shines through, “..it’s got chords, it’s got musicality to it, but it’s still got hard hitting drums, still trap music…at the same time, it’s not like anything anybody else has done”. Check out the full behind the scenes ‘Making Of: A Good Man’ here.

The debut single, “No Such Thing” describes a relationship scarred with indiscretions, yet hard to let go of. The verse captures the notions of infidelity and comes from a point of view that laments, ‘there are no more excuses to tell, but at the end of the day it’s too hard to let you go”. With the full video accompanying the release out on October 20th – we can’t wait for the full EP to drop.

Stay tuned and let us know what you think! You can check out the trailer for Young @uD!o’s short film below.

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