October 22, 2017


Tash Sultana got her first guitar from her grandfather when she was three, she says, and has played it every day since.

Her natural gift for melody and her carefully crafted, virtuosic guitar playing work and percussion styled finger tapping, has gained widespread acclaim.

Back in July, the 22-year-old Australian singer-songwriter shared a video of herself performing her new song “Mystik” in her bedroom. Today, we finally get to hear the official, studio version of the bluesy track.

On “Mystik”, the self-taught multi-instrumentalist lays her distinct vocals over her signature jazzy guitar melodies and minimal percussion. The track slowly builds on itself before reaching its high point with a fierce saxophone solo and funky guitar outro.

Once again, she plays every instrument on the recording, with the addition of a new saxophone she picked up and learnt to play a week before recording.

Commenting on the new track, Tash says, “I had a mental block for f***ing ages, then one day in my studio I woke up jetlagged at 5am and this just fell out of my fingertips.”

The single is available now and will feature on Tash’s highly anticipated debut record due in 2018.

Tash recently took the #1 spot on US Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart and made her US TV debut on Late Night with Seth Myers. Watch her performance of “Jungle”, from her brilliant “Notion EP” released last year, here.

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