October 25, 2017


James Francis, the 19 year old singer-songwriter currently based in the Netherlands hits us with a new single “Hit Me Up”. Produced by LJ Milan, Hit Me Up delivers some smooth R&B vocals over some digital production.

Knee deep in rock, reggae, electronic, alternative, and especially R&B, James Francis is sure to keep it fresh with his varying stylistic choices that all shine with confidence. As a young kid James spent quite a bit of time in the United States which worked to influence and create the foundation of his sound, though proudly hails from the small country of Suriname. After moving to the Netherlands, James signed a record deal with 207 Recordings, in conjunction with Top Notch, Universal, & Cloud 9 Music as the first deal of his career.

“Hit Me Up” starts off with the digital stylings of LJ Milan that gives Francis a moment before setting him up to dive right in. The ability for James to deliver a smooth, & catchy hook is evident right from the jump, and with his successful merge of hip-hop, & R&B vocals, James seems like he knows exactly what sound he’s going for, and he’s nailing it.

The visuals are published by “Top Notch”, one of the most successful independent labels in both the Netherlands, & Belgium, publishing music, movies, and even books. James Francis is just starting to make some big moves, and with his recent signing to 207 there are only bright times ahead for this shining new artist.

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