October 25, 2017


On October 7th, Toronto based R&B artist Jon Vinyl released his debut single “Nostalgia” with a premiere locked on OVO Radio Episode 53. Written and performed by Vinyl, produced by Tyler Mcghee, and mastered by Erik Sist, the debut track comes in at a dreamy 2:46.

Now, after a little over two weeks, Vinyl’s soulful “Nostalgia” has over 95K+ plays on Spotify and has been featured on the Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds: Fire Emoji playlists.

Featuring layered vocals, intricate beat and loop production, mixed in with a perfect balance of retro piano samples – “Nostalgia” is definitely a most-welcomed and refreshing sound. From “holdin’ on to faith/dodging all the snakes” to a push of staying on a steady path, Vinyl’s message to push further and “hold your head down/don’t ever let up/make decisions with precision/and hope it all gets better”, becomes a question of confidence and faith as he describes his indecisiveness through smooth and interstellar vocals.

With a shout out from childhood friend, singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes, on Twitter, we look forward to seeing “Nostalgia” blow up. The tweet currently has over 32K+ Likes and 10K+ RTs. Have a listen and “if you love this as much as me, share it as much as possible.” Well said, Mendes.

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