October 28, 2017


Miguel, Autre Ne Veut, Chet Faker fans: listen up. This is some slinky, slinky tunage. Jhyve manages to make a breakup sound as sexy as it is sad in “Human”.

This latest track from Jhyve has a bare bones texture to it, relying on his beautiful storytelling and a pared-back 90s R&B beat to carry the track forward. If you’re looking for something beautiful to listen to, just ignore the lyrics and “Human” will do the trick. If you’re bitterly looking to get over an ex AND for something to soothe your ears, join Jhyve in singing out the injustices of relationships, “How do you get on your high horse, baby?”.

Jhyve started out singing in church choirs and his dad used to DJ West Indian community events, so his rich creamy voice has been honed over many years and his surroundings while growing up. Toronto’s burgeoning R&B scene is definitely a hotbed for his brand of music but there is definitely some stagnancy attached to it.

Someone like Jhyve could hold the talent to shake things up.

#urban #jhyvehuman

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