October 30, 2017


Matt Davis loves to make DIY videos that are usually a portion of the length of the songs they are for. He seems to be rising up in Youtube Popularity. Check the three songs we cover below and for more you can visit his channel here.

1) “Steady” The song is an electro glitch pop track that also infuses hints of 90s Eurodance. On “Steady”, the young multi-instrumentalist offers restrained, reverb vocals over some funky electro effects and glossy synths. The hypnotic back vocals are also giving a dreamy quality to the song.

2) “I’m Just Here Rockin’”

“I’m Just Here Rockin’” shows a new side of Matt Davis who actually raps the verses on this song. This R&B infused pop track is about Davis looking for a healthier relationship “They say make lemonade out of this situation but I can’t seem to connect to the other station and our relationship is making me feel like I’m about to drown. Don’t bring me down.” raps the singer-songwriter. Davis shows vulnerability and lays his soft vocals over a mellow downtempo beat.

3) “Head Over Heels”Drawing from the subgenres of dance-pop and synthpop, “Head Over Heels” is a catchy midtempo electro-pop song that has a club banger caliber to it. The relatable song is about trying to find the courage to declare your flame to your crush “At some point I hoped you’d just notice but now I’m gonna try it in a different kind of way. So here it goes. I’m just saying this once so shut up and freakin’ listen I’m telling you that. I like you. I want to, fall in. I’d like to fall head over heels for you.” sings Davis.

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