November 2, 2017


Earlier this year, rising R&B/Soul-Pop artist JP Saxe released his debut single “Changed”. The track has garnered over 2.5 Million streams in the span of only a few months and made appearances in Spotify’s Global 50 Charts. Today, the Toronto-born singer-songwriter follows up with “Anybody Else”.

With “Anybody Else”, JP Saxe demonstrates once again his ability to create beautiful and introspective songs and confirms he is definitely one to watch! Saxe’s second single is a sulky soul-pop track uplifted by Saxe’s soulful vocals and sincere, emotional lyrics with shades of Jack Garratt in the melody.

Accompanying the song is a sensual, hypnotic video that perfectly captures the tone of the track. Directed by LA based duo Miles & AJ, the aesthetically pleasing video features a lot of body contact and the sexual tension between Saxe and his co-star, actress Sierra Love, is extremely palpable to say the least.

Speaking about the making of “Anybody Else” JP says: “This song is not about being in a relationship you know you shouldn’t be in. It’s about using a conversation about why you shouldn’t be in it as foreplay. The tone of ‘Anybody Else’ is a combination of sexy and tongue in cheek, and in all of the visuals, Creative Director Deema Alansari and I tried to capture that balance”

With a great display of pastel tones and these kinds of colors being into almost every element of the scenery, the visual style is comparable to a storybook. We are presented with this couple’s relationship through beautiful, nostalgic shots that are full of vibrant colours.

Check the video below. JP Saxe is just getting started and we will probably be hearing and seeing a lot from him in the future!

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