November 13, 2017


Out here in the jungle I’m looking for life

These answers give me nothing nothing oh

Did you recognize me did I slip you’re mind mind

Makk Mikkael sings about the hopeless pursuit about investing in people who don’t reciprocate her passion. Such a common issue in this “like” generation, scared of commitment.

Makk explains: “‘Jungle’ represents a build up of angst and emotion that I try and vocally display throughout the track. I was around a person that drained if not stole my energy and made me question my decisions while at the same time I felt like I was unable to separate from them.”

“It was a dark time in my life and by writing I was able to express how I was feeling and paint a picture not only for me but hopefully for my listeners as well.”

All of my time on you all of my time with you

Why did I do shit that made me feel that way

Funny how it fucked me up but you didn’t change

The yellow-loving Toronto vocalist has an undeniably elegant tone that rides this lo-fi ambient/experimental production that almost has a chopped and screwed feel (especially with the lower octave vocal layers). The slightly off-key organ chords remind me of a young XXYYXX and her vocals also resemble Phoebe Ryan. The vocal chops are done tastefully too and not in an arrogant way which replaces a hook as seen so often in current releases.

Chase Ellestad (brother of Kiesza) produced Jungle, and as Makk states, he seems to be her primary producer for future work at this point.

Although the videos still approaching 2K views, it was also re-posted on the dynmk youtube channel where it has accumlated 18K in a few days. Jungle has also earned Makk a spot on Spotify’s “New Music Friday Canada” playlist, nice spot to land a debut! We look forward to her album which is in progress now.

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