November 14, 2017



In the world of modern dating, it’s rare for things not to start in a complicated way. You have to put in real work to get the attention of someone who makes your life better. You have to be there for them whenever they need you, and that’s what Nurko and LA-based singer Misdom are here to explain. A track to surely have a place next to Boyz II Men’s I’ll Make Love to You on your “Intimate Nights” playlist, With You tells the tale of one man’s plead for his love to be her only love, an experience common in today’s dating scene. With sweet, seductive vocals, Misdom puts himself out there for the woman he cares about most: whatever she needs.

Hailing from Roosevelt, New Jersey, Nurko has been making his own unique beats and instrumentals in the town he grew up in for nearly a decade. Nurko made his first breakthrough in 2015 with his song, “Goodbye”, and has been creating new and emotion-evoking melodic dubstep beats since.

“Let me know if your love is mine

I’ll give you forever

‘cause with you is where I want to be”

Listen to this melodic trap hit below:

#electronic #nurkomisdomWITHYOU

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