November 16, 2017



What do you do when the love of your life betrays you? Get together with Jesus-lookalike producer Stephen and make a hit! LA Singer/Songwriter JT Roach is back and better than ever with his powerful third single, Wasted Roses. Belting out pure magic, Roach has discovered that yes, every rose has it’s thorn.

The track comes on slow with acoustic guitar plucking and blowing winds, and comes up with bass and emotional lyrics of how he got his heart stomped on. Stephen’s (Crossfire, Part II ft. Talib Kweli & Killagram is a must-listen) background beats and guitar take a song that would otherwise be a sad song, into something more powerful and uplifting.

“I wrote this song about my feelings of anger at having been betrayed by someone I loved. My friend – and fellow artist – Stephen helped me round out the production, punching up the indie electronic production.”

JT Roach and Stephen’s music are both available to listen for free on Youtube and Spotify.

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