December 13, 2017


He’s back.

Brooklyn based singer/songwriter, Aaron Taos recently dropped his new single “Alone “on November 15th. As we head into the winter months, and the rather depressing weather, this song could not be more of an anthem.

“Alone” is a highly personal and relatable song. Taos explains,

“Alone” is a song I wrote during a dark couple of weeks I had at the beginning of this year. The lyrics are probably the most honest and direct I’ve ever gotten about things going on in my life, which was a new and cathartic experience for me. I was dealing with some pretty serious anxiety and elements of depression (plus new meds), coupled with a rough patch with my girlfriend, and what felt like some stagnation in my career. All of this was building up and I felt like I had to put it out in a creative way. I consciously did not want the music around it to sound slow or dreary, so I produced the track in bright upbeat tone that I felt was an interesting difference in context with the lyrics the song. It was a time I just needed to be by myself and figure my life out, sometimes to the dismay of people around me who care about me.”

“Alone” features Orlando rapper Shane Stoke. The two make an excellent collaboration as they both draw inspiration from past relationships and experiences and transfer that into their music. This vibe has nostalgic Blink 182 guitar comparisons with vocal presence similar to the late Lil Peep.

Listen here:

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