December 13, 2017


For those who do not know Eleventyseven, they are the perfect mix of EDM, pop, and punk. Hailing from South Carolina, the band sounds a lot like Motion City Soundtrack, The Faint, and Cobra Starship.

Self-branded as “neon punk,” Eleventyseven (composed of Matt Langston and Davey Davenport) has been around since 2002 and after officially disbanded in 2014, they came back stronger than ever and re-emerge with their own label, podcast and album.

Although all the songs on the new album are amazing, we can’t get enough of “Holding Out.” This song is super catchy, fun and on brand with the Eleventyseven vibe.

If you needed a song to describe the “twenty something” struggle of adulting, this song is 100% accurate to every struggle our demographic faces.

“My bank account looks more like abyssMy friends have been asking when I’m having kidsI get stressed out, how am I going to spend this eveningCuz I’m just a little bit sick of living for the weekend …”


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