December 13, 2017


Accompanying herself on piano, guitar and ukulele, Canadian-Californian songcrafter Madeline Tasquin weaves from jazzy folk to soulful ballads in odd meters to playful new romantic pop to delicately dark musical fairytales, delivering it all with a stage presence that radiates joy. With influences including Primus to Billie Holiday to Joni Mitchell to Chopin, it’s no surprise that her songs takes harmonic and rhythmic twists and turns, though whether performing solo or fronting one of her bands, she manages to pull this off without leaving anyone in the room behind.

The title track of Future Telephone is a lament on modern day (mis)communication. It was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in Montreal, but Madeline’s been based in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2006. These past few years of living a bi-coastal lifestyle have made holding down an intimate relationship challenging.

“The lyrics of this tune are paraphrased from actual lines and emotions spoken and felt by myself and my (now ex-) sweetheart in a long period in different timezones, when our words and intentions got lost in pixelation thanks to these future telephones we were trying to communicate complex emotions through. This felt like the right title for the whole EP because these songs are largely a response to the heaviness of 2016 and they carry so much hope and love for humanity and this beautiful planet, but then I think to myself … who knows if all that intention will land on peoples’ hearts like I hope it will, or if it’ll be “lost in pixelation”

somehow. Or just drowned out by radio noise of modern life. I feel like our communication as a species is rife with misunderstanding, riddled with assumption and an epidemic single-mindedness. These songs carry with them a hope that we can regain some of our natural empathy and the humility that comes with some sense of the vast complexity of life and all things.”

Madeline’s soaring vocals and impeccable ear for composition create massive soundscapes and complex harmonies in an in-your-face rock and roll package. Her sound effortlessly weaves between jazz, math-rock, and folk in a convincing and natural way, and she has peripheral video editing and design skills to boot. Check out “Future Telephone” below.

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