December 13, 2017


Welsh musician Pat Whelan, who now records under the moniker Welfare is a master of his craft, who draws upon various influences and styles, and blends them into a perfectly made stew of simple,honest and sincere songwriting.

On his his latest EP Silent Other, with the help of drummer Julian Ramsey, Pat retreated to the home of Writer Julie Blackburn and Sculptor Herman Makkink, located somewhere in the Italian Alps. The home plays a subtle background character to the spaciousness found on the EP. Tracks like opener Sadie opens with the hypnotic strums of a lone acoustic guitar, as Whelan sings about lost love over reverb laced vocals that gives the track a beautifully constructed feeling of being haunted, by the same ghost that haunt him.

Ep Closer “Ice Skating” brings the record full circle as Whelan channels his inner Nick Drake in a lush way, after more jazz influenced tracks like ” I Play The Horses”, which credit should be given to Julian Ramsey who’s stellar and subtle drumming brings the track to life.

If anything else is to be taken from “Silent Other” its that Pat Whelan has found his space to exist in, one that is his own to dance and play in.

Listen HERE

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