December 21, 2017


Back in the Six for the first time since her Summer show at Cabana Poolbar, Cardi B packed Rebel full of fans on Saturday night. A treat for iHeart Radio’s Jingle Ball after-party, Cardi came on in typical rapper fashion; late-as-hell with fire in her soul.

Performing just a short 3-track set, this crowd-pleasing powerhouse packed the energy of a full show into a seemingly handful of minutes. As someone who works at the club, I was lucky to be able to see her entire show while still getting my job done. It’s safe to say I have never had the pleasure of watching a crowd lose their minds for an artist who blew up just in this past year.

When the crowd got too wild, and a young woman was being crushed in the mosh, Cardi stopped her DJ to address the crowd and make a plea for them to relax. However, this plea was met with cheering and applause instead of reciprocated concern.

Fit with plenty of twerking and reaching into the crowd to show love to fans, Cardi B left no one disappointed.

Cardi B will finish up 2017 with tour dates all across the US. Catch her latest “No Limit” remix video below for even more twerking and new verses from G-Eazy, French Montana, Juicy J and Belly.

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