December 21, 2017


Back in October, Nashville based singer-songwriter Liza Anne released her debut single for Arts & Crafts, ‘Paranoia’. The grungy, multi-dimensional track is substantially bold in both the raw, honest lyrics and the sound. The song is a slow building, sound shifting track going from a poppy melody with the bridge and chorus to a gritty, frenetic outburst, with the distorted guitars adding a 90s alternative rock vibe to it.

In ‘Paranoia’, Liza Anne tackles the complex and often misunderstood subject that is mental illness. The 23-year-old artist effortlessly addresses her anxiety issues and this feeling of unworthiness with rare sincerity.

The video for ‘Paranoia’ is a driving vignette about her panic anxiety disorder and perfectly conveys the structure and message of the song. Directed by Josh Gilligan, the visuals feature two versions of Liza Anne in two different bedroom sets that represent the duality in the song and her personality. Check the video below!

‘Paranoia’ is the first single off Liza Anne’s debut album for Arts & Crafts, “Fine But Dying”, out March 9th 2018. Liza Anne will also embark on a North American tour starting March 20th!

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