December 24, 2017


I must admit, I was skeptical about this at first, from the intro before the song dropped, but Clyde really showed us what’s good. Just shows to never judge a book by it’s cover and in fact, it’s his image which almost compliments and brings out his talent even more making it that much more appealing. It’s unexpected, but the kid’s got that vibe!

Clyde Kelly is a rapper/singer from Philadelphia. Who can not only sing and rap catchily over this bouncy future bass type beat, but his lyrics are sharp and demanding respect (like his fans demand attention). He can use more complex words without sounding corny. The boy is even out here meditating on rocks (the song was inspired by his meditation practice) in the video in between squading up with his boys at the skatepark. His vocals will also impress you when he gets real and r&b on you during the hook.

Keep doing your thing Mr. Kelly.

#urban #clydekellylevitate

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