December 24, 2017


This Jamaican-American R&B crooner has the similar smooth vibe as Jason Derulo mixed with party breakdown moments on “Promise” that are perfect for the dancefloor.

Born and raised in a large family in Uniondale, New York, Dante Labelle began singing at 10-years-old, after stumbling upon a CBS Michael Jackson concert on TV. Infatuated with Jackson’s performance and electrifying dance moves, a musical inspiration ignited in Dante and he began to use Garageband on his school computer to create his own beats, which he would sing over. At age 11, Dante officially began performing in front of crowds when he joined his church choir. After the choir leader head Dante sing, he saw Dante’s potential and decided to start giving him leads and solos, which always warranted a standing ovation. Given the positive response, Dante began taking it upon himself to write and perform his own original music at church, testing it out for the public.

Dante’s purpose in his music is to use it as his personal meditation and medication, with hopes that it provides the same therapeutic feeling for others. He is currently recording and building himself as an artist.

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