December 24, 2017


As a renowned pianist and composer, August Rosenbaum brings us his new track “Credo, Pt.II ” (ft. Coco O.), a reinterpretation of his original track “Credo.” Rosenbaum’s forthcoming album Vista is out now.

” Credo, Pt. II ” has a beautifully arranged soundscape and is magnificently intriguing. While the original track, “Credo,” was an instrumental masterpiece, Part II is the perfect progression. Featuring Coco’s enchanting vocals, this somewhat dark and mysterious track tells a story we’ve all experienced.

This Denmark duo ties beautiful chord choices into unique sounds and breathy choir background vocals.

“Credo, Pt. II” features lead vocals by longtime collaborator Coco O. with whom August has toured the world as a musical director and pianist in Coco’s project Quadron.

Rosenbaum says, “Coco’s voice has been a huge part of my life for the past ten years since I started playing with Quadron. It was my dream to have her be part of the album and she co-wrote the song ‘Credo’.”

“I wrote the lyrics back when I was 21 and never had been in a relationship – but it’s still feels relevant today somehow” Coco adds and August continues: “It says something universal about the quarrels of growing older and I really love the way it turned out. Dark, poetic and emo, it’s the perfect mood for the fall.”

As winter falls upon us, fall in love with the sounds of “Credo, Pt. II.”

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