December 29, 2017


Operating in the realm of alternative R&B, Sobhhï’s earworm melodies and moody, nocturnal production have earned him comparisons with celebrated artists such as Frank Ocean, Drake, and The Weeknd. The distinctively mysterious Dubai-based vocalist, songwriter, and producer stands out as intelligent—composing his first arrangement at age seven, graduating high school at 16, and enrolling in a graduate program at the University of Chicago by age 21, where he studied applied mathematics at the doctoral level. Producing his own records, writing his material, and tailoring every aspect of his projects, from mixing to artwork, the artist describes his creative process as “detail-oriented…equal parts intellect and emotion.”

Sobhhï debuted in late 2017 with the self-released EP, RED I—a collection of essential arrangements featuring lush vocals interwoven with subtle transitions and asides. He plans to release similarly-titled followup EPs RED II, PURPLE I, and WHITE I throughout 2018.

The Distance is the second track off RED I and expresses his need to talk to a significant other depsite being a prisoner to distance. The production is a lush soundscape of lo-passed chords, ambient guitar and arps with nice harmonies, vocal chops and a touch of vocoder at times.

Something about his vocal tone and the subtle caribbean vibes of this remind me of a darker version of RamRiddlz.

There actually isn’t a lot of vocal presence on this track. It’s a lot of vocal chops feeling “hooky” moments. It’s more of an ambient journey in the production to enjoy. The reversed samples and lo-pass filter create an underwater type effect which can reflect how the artist was feeling in the moment. The ambient guitar provides nice accompanying riffs. I look forward to more of the harmony melodies over similar production from this artist.

Enjoy this futuristic minimalism below.

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