January 2, 2018


Foresteater is the moniker and live band of Singer/Songwriter Mikey Pro. Created in 2015 after a dream he had about “A band playing on an island in outer space, surrounded by electric rainbows.” Foresteater released some music, formed a band and began playing shows locally in Phoenix, AZ USA until they eventually started to tour in 2017.

Avalanche is about being a mess on the inside but holding back your inner emotional disaster the best you can in order to be a “normal” human person in society.

We know there are many sub-genres in any type of music, Mikey tells us that Foresteater can be classified as Candy Grunge or Art Rock. The vocal tone is especially unique sounding and pleasant especially those falsetto harmonies. Good vibes.

#indierock #foresteateravalanche

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