January 5, 2018


Kicking out a new single that pays tribute to both Bob Dylan and these current, newsworthy times, snny excels past his debut EP with “A Better World/These Times They Are A’ Changin’.” The artist flexes his versatility as a songwriter, singer and rapper on this soulful and inspired track.

The song is defined heavily by its instrumentation with a melodic and bright guitar riff that sounds as if it has been pulled out of a bluesy, rock n’ roll jam. The liquid tone of the guitar is successfully contrasted by beats that take the groove up a notch and give us more of the sound snny showcased on his EP, “Learning to Swim.” It provides a delicate message for peace and a wishful message that the world will grow better as a whole.

The young singer was raised in Boston before finding his home in New York city. After signing to Glassnote Records based on a singular Soundcloud upload, the R&B artist has caught media attention with singles “Young Boy” and “Arizona.” With this latest release capping off 2017,, snny propels himself into the new year as an artist with soul and style.

Check out “A Better World/The Time They Are A Changin’” here:


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