January 8, 2018


Yves Paquet is an amazing electronic/trap music vocalist and producer who comes from Brazil! As an up and comer, he’s already written for companies such as Armada Music and Sony Music, and has lent his talents to international DJs Alok and Vintage Culture. He may still be on his way to becoming a mainstream artist, but after you listen to some of his music you’ll almost definitely agree with me when I say that I’m not expecting to wait very long to hear him on one of our local radio stations!

In fact, his first solo single, Nightshift, has already been played on a lot of radio stations! If you grew up in the 90’s then the beginning sounds of this song will trigger some flashbacks of waiting for the dial-up internet to connect, because it starts off with noises akin to AOL and other PC sounds stuck on repeat. Definitely unexpected, but what’s even more unexpected is that he makes it WORK. The introduction of his catchy lyrics though takes away any residual confusion you may have about the ‘instrument’ choice, and all you’ll be left with is a beat that makes you want to stand up and dance. Or stay seated and dance. Either way, you’ll be dancing. Honestly, how can you not with a song that talks about sex, partying, and work? (to be fair, the ‘work’ referred to in the song may actually be sex and partying, but isn’t all art open to interpretation anyways?) Bottom line is, I am not at all surprised that out of all of his amazing solo work, this one is the one that may soon be responsible for his breakout.

The next single is called Sugar In My Coffee, and for a song that starts off slow and soon speeds up (much like my heart rate whenever I have coffee), this name is undoubtedly fitting. This song has a romantic and catchy rhythm to it, and when paired with lyrics about sex and a domestic living situation, it really covers all of the best parts of being in a relationship. Personally, I take my coffee black, but after listening to this song I think I might have to add some Sugar In My Coffee. Well, I’ll be adding it onto my phone at the very least.

Finally, if you think that Yves’ solo stuff is amazing (which it is!), you should check out this song that he did with equally amazing musician Andy Bianchini, titled Backseat. This song is, in a word, confusing. Not in a bad way though! More like a “Do I want to dance, or do I want to fall in love?” way. So really, the best way. Like Yves’ other two songs that I talked about, this one starts off slow but doesn’t waste time in building up to a quicker tempo perfect for a feel-good song. One notable thing in this song is that Backseat has a prominent synth/keyboard sound which brings a very welcome underlying 80’s-pop mood to it, something that I personally LOVE. There’s not really much else I have to say about this song, other than LISTEN TO IT. It’ll make you want to take a summer drive with the windows down and this song blasting. What more could you want?

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