January 9, 2018


Berlin, Germany based musician, Barney Sykes, or better known by his stage name as S Y K Ë S just released the official music video for his debut single “Red,” which is the first single off his upcoming EP titled The Untamed EP.

Athens, Greece raised and now situated in busy Berlin, S Y K Ë S unique approach to music brings a fresh blend of different genres like rock, soul, R&B, in which he titles Designer Rock.

NU had the opportunity to chat with S Y K Ë S about the brand new single.

“I wrote the track in Berlin, where i’m currently living and it was co-written and produced by producer Phil Sunday who’s also based in Berlin. I worked on the EP for almost 2 years, developing the vibe, moving cities and taking in all of the influences and moments in life that this entailed. The song ‘Red’ speaks of a kind of dysfunctional relationship – which I think in 2018 is the normal kind of relationship, but it’s about getting past those flaws and those moments where your partner is furious with you over very small things (which become huge), and that it’s better to let it out, go crazy, see “red’ – so that the next day things can be better, rather than hold it in and maybe end up ruining something good.”

As for the future,

“The plan now is to focus on live shows – starting in Europe but hopefully expanding to the US at some point – and the next ‘single’ release should be in February / March of this year.”

Hopefully we will be seeing him in Toronto in the near future!

Take a listen to “Red,” I’m sure it will be your new favourite song.

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