January 10, 2018


Axmos is a 19 year old producer from France represent his crew La Zintire. A web marketing student by day and DJ/producer at night, the kids bringing some fresh tastes of future bass and dubstep to the scene.

“Matin D’hiver” rises and falls in tempo as well as energy like any good dance track. It begins with subtle background pianos and synth melody and slowly grows into an explosion of melody that would be impossible not to dance along too. The tempo gradually speeds up and keeps the track at a fun pace for the remainder of it’s length. A lot of talent and creativity coming from an artist of such as young age. If this is the quality that is coming out of him at only 19 years of age, he has a bright future ahead of him in the world of electronic music.

*UPDATE* There is now a version with vocals! Check that out too.

#electronic #axmos

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