January 10, 2018


The soulful Cautious Clay wrapped up 2017 with a bang. After wowing us all with his impressive original tracks “Cold War” and “Joshua Tree,” collaborating with artists like Petit Biscuit and Bipolar Sunshine, and charting on Apple Music’s Alternative chart, the Brooklyn based artist is starting off 2018 in a similar fashion. Selected by Soundcloud as ” an artist to watch in 2018 ,” Cautious Clay delivers his new track ” Juliet & Caesar ,” and it doesn’t disappoint. This track is off his forthcoming EP, Blood Type, out this February!

Released today and Just shy of 3 minutes, ” Juliet & Caesar ” packs a quick punch. With powerfully layered vocals, celestial synths, and a rolling melody, “Juliet & Caesar” is a richer, fuller sounding track than Clay’s previous singles. Showcasing his production talents, sax skills, and sharp lyricism, “Juliet & Caesar” is a gospel-twinged masterpiece in its own right. Close your eyes and listen – you’re bound to get lost in this musical mélange.

Numerous Spotify playlists including Pop Chillout, Fresh Finds, Weekly Buzz, Alternative R&B and more.

Pigeons and Planes added “Cold War” to their ‘Best Songs of the Week’ and said the song is, “a smooth journey from start to finish. Clay’s voice is soothing as it effortlessly floats over the glimmering production.”

Indie Shuffle says,”This is about as close to an angel as you’ll hear in the modern context.”

The Fader said of IAMNOBODI’s remix of “Cold War,” “It’s a lonely soul song that’s only the more cutting when the beat hits hard.”

Cautious Clay’s “Joshua Tree” also reached the #1 Spot on Hype Machine’s Popular Charts and has over 250k Spotify streams.

Pigeons and Planes sat down with Josh to give us a little insight into how Cautious Clay came to be. They say, “Cautious Clay shies away from the difficult juggling act of simultaneously trying to give your all to someone you love and give your all into a dream you’re striving for.”

The Burning Ear says, “‘Joshua Tree’ is deeply atmospheric and epic…Creating a beautiful yet cynical anthem to individuality, Cautious Clay lets their listeners transcend their empowerment beyond the emotion and into the astral dimension.”

This track gives a very relaxing but also sensual vibe. The simple instrumentals compliment the vocals which scream “soul”. The immediate vibe the track brings to mind is a lot of elements of soul and R&B from the past but also lots of modern influences as well. I find myself unintentionally swaying side to side while listening to this tracks, it’s hard not to get lost in it.

The saxophones in the track provide a really nice element to it and reminds my a lot of jazz from decades ago, while still keeping it’s modern vibes. The layered and background vocals add a very nice sense of ambiance to the mix. This song packs a lot of emotion and depth in something that is below the three minute mark and it leaves the listener with the perfect mix of satisfaction and wanting more.

The hook’s lyrics are quite extensive and unique in terms of wordplay and vocabulary.

“Straight jacket and a hair tieHard stare when you know they careI’m rubber necking hard for youLacking patience in the stars on youSullen energies to fill up my soulCrown Pedigree in showing me wholeDive for the moments Juliet knowsCaesar once had a plan too”

So we know this girls crazy but he’s still into her although losing hope in their bond continuing. His comparison to Juliet “diving in the moment” we think may subtly mean “die for the moment” as in when she does for Romeo in the movie. Caesar helped the rise of the Roman empire though, this was his plan, so this could be another sign of hope for Cautious Clay as he bounces back and forth between the pro’s and con’s of this situation.

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