January 12, 2018


Need a track to help you kick the winter blues? Then definitely give North11’s newest release “Temperamental”, a listen; which comes out today! North Carolina duo Zeph and Bobby formed “North11” in 2014 and have been using their high energy and creativity to knock out tunes ever since.

The lullaby intro is slow, yet has an upbeat and mellow-dramatic vibe to it. The track “Temperamental” has a highschool-reminiscence tone; an anthem type of song. Audibly, they have an “Owl City” sound, and describe themselves as “Indie Shuffle” and “Pop / Rock”.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the song is the build-up before the chorus, the build-up / breakdown grabs the listener’s interest and ties into the song lyrically as well. When discussing lyrical content of the song, it tells the story of a break up or a “temperamental” relationship, as explained in the chorus; “Some of you tend to be temperamental / And I think that’s being gentle / Why you gotta get so temperamental / Just like you always do…”. The lyrics go on to describe someone who thinks they are being a good partner or friend but it is putting on a façade, whether they are aware of it or not. The repetitiveness of the content about being selfish, but thinking they are being charitable, puts emphasis on the message the lyrics are trying to send. They are trying to be courteous by saying that, at the least, the partner was “temperamental…that’s being gentle”; describing the frustrations, yet love and respect of the relationship. Details are kept out of the story, but as listeners, we can hear the overall picture.

This song is very representative of North11 as they begin a new year with anticipation of new releases, as well as more shows and more features!

Another cool fact about North11 is that they release new music on the 11th of every month! So keep your eye on their social media pages, and your ears peeled for new tracks coming out!

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