January 16, 2018


The Gold Web is kicking off 2018 with a music video for “The Emperor,” the first single off their upcoming album Acidchrist Superspice & the Candyboys, which comes out January 23rd.

The Chicago natives are the true definition of glam rock. If you are a fan of David Bowie, and /or The Flaming Lips, the Gold Web will be your new go to band.

The music video for “The Emperor” has all things psychedelic you can think of from funky glasses to memorizing colours, to a drag queen Donald Trump, this is the most unique music video I have seen in a long time! With lyrics possessing an uplifting anthem “the people are the power,” repeated multiple times this song is extremely catchy.

The new new batch of tunes that will be released in their upcoming album will provide a modern twist on classic glam, and leave you wanting more.

Check out “The Emperor”

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