January 25, 2018


Pop singer-songwriter AJ Smith celebrates confidence and being different with his brand new single, “MISFITS.” It’s a boisterous anthem for a type of love that does not always stay within the dotted line. With smooth vocals and a fast-paced tempo, “MISFITS” is a song to appreciate and dance to.

Born in Denver, AJ Smith made the move to New York City to hone in on his musical craft at the prestigious NYU. Here, he learnt the skill set of a master songwriter and composer, and was soon blending sounds of acoustic and electric instrumentation into catchy pop songs. Having been awarded for the 2011 UltraViolet Live Talent Competition and praised numerous times for his music, Smith has demonstrated his abilities both within academia and in pop culture.

“MISFITS” is an example of Smith’s light-hearted and catchy song-writing. It follows a simple, bright chord progression, and a shiny vocal that rings prominently over dance beats. “I found a girl that wears all black/A girl that’s not afraid/No she won’t hold back,” sings Smith. “And if we’re misfits/The truth is/The empty part of my heart is where she fits in.” With charisma and his own self confidence, the singer describes a love story about the unconventional. He proclaims the importance of being a little different and owning your individual identity.

Listen to “MISFITS” now!

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