January 28, 2018


Known for their intricate guitar and bass solos, combined with melodic vocals, heavy metal band “PRISMIND” brings something new to the table for metal music. Formed in 2013, this Hamilton-based group is comprised of four seasoned musicians, all adding their own take to the songs, which is evident in their latest release “Our Broken Fate”, from their debut album “Disciples By Design”.

PRISMIND’s sound is comparable to traditional British heavy metal, however, their newest release “Our Broken Fate”, is far from traditional. Exhibiting “a strong modern progressive metal influence”, and showcasing the roles of each band member individually, the song is a banger. It also comes with the release of their first music video for the song “Our Broken Fate”.

The track begins with intricate and an almost melodic guitar intro, reminiscent of a Metallica riff. However, this is the calm before the storm, as it soon drops into a heavy metal tone. What’s amazing about PRISMIND is that throughout their songs, every instrument is constantly present. You can hear each musician display their talent, complimenting rather than overpowering each other, as some metal bands do.

To truly hear this tune as you should, you should also know some of the background history of PRISMIND, and how these four musical masters met.

First, you have Justin Faragher on bass, constantly executing his incredibly detailed, yet harmonious style to the tracks, giving the band an “individual and rapid-accurate technique” with his lead-style approach. Faragher has also played and recorded alongside names such as Mike Portnoy, Greg Bissonette, Dave Martone, and Daniel Adair.

Next, we have meticulous guitarist, Kelly Kereliuk, whose riffs are said to be the “…driving force behind the band’s style and repertoire…”. Kereliuk also worked on Steve Negus’s (formerly of SAGA) solo recordings. The man in the back is none other than Mike Harshaw, nicknamed “The Machine”; Mike has definitely earned his title by bringing a personal and passionate edge to PRISMIND’s live shows. Not only has he played to sold-out audiences across the globe, but you may also recognize Harshaw from Canadian metal band “ANNIHILATOR”.

Then there is John Mamone, the vocals behind it all. With over 25 years of experience in live theatre, John’s vocals have been described as “second to none, with powerful, perfectly controlled melody and harmonies…performed with dynamic delivery and prowess”. Outside of the theatre, Mamone has also performed with Big Sugar, Pete Best, The Trews, as well as with members of I Mother Earth and Finger Eleven.

Alright, back to the song… Titled; “Our Broken Fate”, is powerful in itself, but the lyrics reinforce how quickly time can pass before we notice “our broken fate”; “I can feel death creeping up on my side / Stealing my youth as the time passes by / Like shadows of fear eluding my eyes / Confusing the balance existence divides…Tomorrow’s dreams in passionate schemes are yesterday’s lies”. Lyrically, this track is very strong throughout, as much as you can appreciate the instrumental aspects, you have to also respect the writing aspects. The chorus further explains what many listeners are likely feeling as they get older, as if their futures are already decided and they cannot change time; “Carved in stone our futures lie / Clear as truth as our memories die / Written words and spoken hate / As history proves our broken fate”. The chorus is relatable on many levels; people believe that as time fades, so do the memories of them, and all that is remembered are the wrong words they may have said, or right words they couldn’t say, but wrote. Much like the song describes, we also may fear that history will repeat itself, and will “prove our broken fate”.

The second verse is also like the second step in defying someone’s future, it describes looking beyond “history” to find your own image of truth and definition; “ I see horizons defying the sky / Gravity’s laws defending the lines / Distorting the image and stretching the truth / I can’t trust my eyes / My senses confused…Tomorrow’s health compromised by wealth and foolish pride”.

The third and final verse can be interpreted in different ways, depending on your mood towards the song; “Against the grain / No more can you dream / Our broken fate / Our lives are unseen…Tomorrow’s dreams in passionate schemes are yesterday’s lies”. What is perceived by most is hopefully the positive message of dreaming, believing, and going “against the grain”. Once someone goes against the norm, they can’t dream anymore because they realize anything is possible, so they strive to surpass the “broken fate”, and live happily in their solidarity. Making “…tomorrow’s dreams in passionate schemes” more than just “…yesterday’s lies”.

Again, giving the listener the choice on how to hear the song, PRISMIND repeats the chorus, as well as leaves a lasting impression on the listener; “Carved in stone our futures lie / Clear as truth as our memories die / Written words and spoken hate / As history proves our broken fate”. The tune ends strong with barrelling vocals and an ear-catching guitar solo. The drum and bass come together in perfect correlation to bring the song to an abrupt and impactful end, leaving the listener waiting to hear the next track.

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