January 30, 2018


Bulgarian singer songwriter Ruth Koleva returns with new single ‘What you say to a girl’. It’s another head-nodding groove that quickly gets in your head and won’t let go. Produced by compatriot Gueorgiu Linev of LA band Kan Wakan, and written with Beats 1 Radio composer SAIGO and rising star Rachel Row, this brooding love song explores the idea of female power and strength to overcome humiliation and sexism.

In the video we see a struggling couple dealing with trust issues and insecurities. The man leaves the table to take a call and has to leave his “partner” mid-dinner. We see flashbacks that show a past abusive relationships between them. This is the last straw for the woman. As the man leaves the house, she gets wasted and sets his damn place on fire. Somehow she seems to sober up enough to go see her mom for comfort. The dark images really suit the eerie enchanting production for the song.

The title of the song may seem repetitive but its an important concept to the song’s idea.

Ruth says “We grow when we when we find the true power we hold,”

“what you say to a girl

you ain’t got a clue

I would know if you knew

what you say to a girl

who do you think you are talking that way to”

She is fed up with being mistreated and understands her worth. This song is a good message for both male and females to understand the dynamic and potential in relationships.

The track features another impressive group of musicians at the vanguard of contemporary soul/RnB including keys maestro Ron Avant (Anderson Paak), Jameel Bruuner (Thundercat’s brother, member of The Internet) drummer Gene Coye (Flying Lotus) and bassist Cooper Appelt. Koleva’s second album Confidence. Truth will be released very soon.

Think music, and Bulgaria is probably not the first place that springs to mind. But it’s definitely got soul and Ruth Koleva is leading the pack. Born into the hardship of post-Communist Eastern Europe, she quickly developed into a rounded artist. There were multiple excursions into local scenes, a stint at the Hollywood Pop Academy… Then came her debut album. RUTH scooped the top prize at the BG Radio Awards in 2014. Hit-making producer Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga) called it “amazing”.

Koleva has since become a national treasure. She’s shared the stage with legends including jazz vocalist Bobby McFerrin, wooed kindred spirits like N’Dambi and performed a sold-out concert at Bulgaria Hall with the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. The power of her music is subtle yet absorbing, rewarding those who spend time with it. On Confidence. Truth expect an even more affecting set of songs with a contemporary twist, produced by Crooked Waters’ Kan Wakan and bolstered by tight band of musicians (including Alicia Keys’ musical director Brandon Coleman).

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