February 6, 2018


New song & video “Adios” by De’Wayne Jackson featuring Australian trio, Chase Atlantic (signed w/ Warner Brother Records.) The video was shot by De’Wayne and Chase using a VHS cam while they were on tour together in the US (November 2017). The song is strong in itself but the raw visual shows the friendship between De’Wayne & Chase…. Highlighting the fun they had being young artist on tour around the USA.

The track comes right out of the gate with a strong beat and powerful vocals with an impressive flow. The chorus then irrupts into an incredibly catchy hook that is sure to be stuck in every listener’s head by the end of the track. The track frequently switches between very fast and upbeat passages, to some slowed down sections which keep the song full of variety and interest. Capturing the music video footage on a VHS camera was a really interesting stylistic choice and it gives the video a really cool “classic charm”. The Raw quality of the v the visuals create a very cool contrast with very polished and well-mixed audio.

This track is quite different from the last post of ours on De’Wayne. He’s show his versatility from more laid back guitar heavy indie rock influences to this heavier trap sound. A man of many hats.

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