February 6, 2018


JOCKS are a new pop band based in Nashville, TN and Riddle Me This is the first single from their upcoming self-titled EP.

First impressions of the track give off a very 80’s vibe, with lots of light and fun sounding synth melodies. The track is heavily synth based, but their are still hints of rock instrumentation such as guitar and drums in the mix which deliver lots of colour to the track. There is such a “summer on the beach” vibe in this track and that is something that will really attract a lot of new listeners. Their sound reminds me a lot of The 1975 and that is a very good thing. After listening through the track a few times, I can see this song fitting very well into a sort of “summer” or “island” playlist. It just has that breezy, care-free vibe that people can’t get enough of in the warm weather, or maybe an escape from cold weather. This is a very promising start to this band’s sound.

#indierock #jocks

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